Nostri Brevetti

With White Star, an R & D company, we have always been busy studying and identifying efficient household waste management solutions.

The proper management of urban waste results in a significant environmental impact. Separate collection is the prerequisite for proper waste recycling and, at the same time, a widespread and socially shared behavior, perceived as a model of efficiency and improvement of overall well-being.

White Star has created a domestic system for collecting, differentiating and reducing volumetric paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and derivatives as well as organic waste. With the progressive elimination of concentrated collection on outdoor site, it will be necessary to keep waste at homes for longer periods, pending a specific home-based withdrawal.

In virtue of this progressive change, White Star has devised the "Home Remedy System, Differentiation, Compacting Waste Selection".

One of the main problems with recycling "domestic" waste refers to espresso coffee capsules. Indeed, it is an undifferentiated waste that, due to its characteristics, finds considerable disposal difficulties. White Star faced the problem by designing a special patent whose use allowed the creation of a so-called "separacapsule" machine, which in fact separates the plastic casing or aluminum from the exhausted coffee with a residual percentage of less than 2%.

This makes the product processed by the highly recyclable machine (plastic or aluminum) as well as making it available for various uses (organic compost and / or heating fuel material) exhausted coffee.

In the general view of differentiating "undifferentiated" waste, White Star has continued its research and has devoted itself to another area sensitive to this problem. Hunting or shooting cartridges are in fact an undifferentiated waste with very high spatial spread and just as high environmental invasiveness.

At the end of his research, White Star has designed and patented the BOS system, which separates the metal part from the plastic part of the used cartridges.