Capsules Separator SC-1000

The SC-1000 device has been designed to separate the
used coffee capsule (plastic or aluminium) or that of other
beverages. Its dimensions make it suitable for a larger type
of disposal and collection with respect to the SC – 500 capsules
The device is equipped with a loading drawer which can
store 1 to 80 capsules, handled electronically and later processed.
The Device can account for all the capsules disposed.
It is equipped with two separate collectors:
one for the capsule and one for the coffee.
The device has a circa 1000 capsule capacity and can be
customised graphically.


Technical specifications:
– Width 460 mm.
– Depth 550 mm.
– Height 1800 mm.
– Weight 120 kg.
– Processing cycle less than 2 seconds.
– Power supply:230V 50/60 Hz
– Maximum consumption 350W