Capsules Separator SC-500

The SC-500 device has been designed to separate the used
coffee capsule (in plastic or aluminium) or that of other beverages,
suitable for home use or medium-sized settings such
as office or refreshment areas.
SC -500 collects separated capsule waste with less than 2%
residue, whether plastic or/and aluminium, from the coffee
dispenser above.
Liquid waste is collected in a removable container.
The SC-500 has a twofold vantage point;
the daily cleaning of the coffee machine is improved because
there is no longer the need to handle used capsules or liquid
waste; capsules are differentiated for separate waste.
The device is equipped with two collectors:
one for the capsule and one for the coffee.
Finally, it comes with a storage compartment.


Technical specifications:
– Width 400 mm.
– Depth 530 mm.
– Height 920 mm.
– Weight 38 kg.
– Processing cycle circa 4 seconds.
– Power supply:230V 50/60 Hz
– Maximum consumption 350 W