Cartridges Separator Bos-3000

The BOS-3000 device has been designed for the correct separation
of materials which constitute the used cartridge.
It separates the plastic and metal from the cartridge,
inserted manually by the user from the 12 to 36 calibre automatically.
he resulting materials are designated to the lower compartment.
A receipt is emitted at the end of the cycle with a correspondent
prize in line with the amount of cartridges conferred.
The device has circa 3000 cartridges capacity and can be
customised graphically to the client needs.
Thanks to its characteristics, this device can be used in
reserves, armories and small shooting centres.


Technical specifications:
– Width 820 mm.
– Depth 620 mm.
– Height 1800 mm.
– Weight 130 kg.
– Cartridge cycle time less than 2 seconds.
– Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz
– Maximum consumption 350W